Key publications are described in more detail on the Research page. For a complete list of publications, see also Google Scholar.


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Key papers

Differential analysis in high-dimensional cytometry
  • Weber L.M., Nowicka N., Soneson C., and Robinson M.D. (2019), diffcyt: Differential discovery in high-dimensional cytometry via high-resolution clustering, Communications Biology, 2, 183. Links to: Paper, R/Bioconductor package, Code, Data.

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Collaboration papers

  • Krieg C., Nowicka M., Guglietta S., Schindler S., Hartmann F.J., Weber L.M., Dummer R., Robinson M.D., Levesque M.P.* and Becher B.* (2018), High-dimensional single-cell analysis predicts response to anti-PD-1 immunotherapy, Nature Medicine, 24, 2, 144–153. Link to: Paper.

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  • Robinson M.D., Kahraman A., Law C.W., Lindsay H., Nowicka M., Weber L.M., and Zhou X. (2014), Statistical methods for detecting differentially methylated loci and regions, Frontiers in Genetics, 5, 324. Link to: Paper.